Nu-Huren provides you with a complete and professional guidance throughout the whole process. Our approach is accustomed to your needs and provides a flexible, enthusiastic and driven attitude to achieve the best results for you! Years of experience helped us identify many different aspects which are important in this process for both tenants and landlords. For a tenant it is important to get an up-to-date and complete selection of available properties. For a landlord it is important to find the right, reliable and decent tenant.

Many business relations of Nu-Huren, both tenants and landlords, can endorse that it's an added value to turn to a professional party for leasing real estate. For all other real estate transactions within the dutch real estate sector a real estate specialist is deployed. It’s a common way to do business and not without reason! The discipline is wide and there are many relevant high risks issues, both financial and legal. By deploying a rental agent or real estate professional, you are assured of an wide expertise guidance while reducing these risks to a minimum. Thereby we do most of the activities for you. So lean back and relax while we  offer you the greatest deals, before you close them!

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