Nu-Huren will find your desired home! Below the steps taken to ensure we do.

1. Inventory of your wishes and your abilities:
We obviously need some information to get an idea of your background, abilities and desires. After we have determined your demands we'll search for the suitable rental properties. Is your home not yet available in our selections? When new offers become available you will instantly be informed by phone or email. Have you seen a house that caught your interest, we will schedule an appointment to view it together with you.

2. Viewing the property of your interest:
We show you the accomadations, explaining all the relevant aspects and features. In some accasions you'll meat the landlord also. After the visit you should give yourself some time and let the impressions settle for a nights rest. The next day we discuss the visit and your opinion. This isn't the residence you were looking for? We adjust our course and continue to look further,  ultimately you are the one who has to live there and it should be with pleasure and joy. When you are content with the house and you have decided to rent the property, we will introduce you to the landlord.

3. Propose you to the landlord:
We'll discuss your personal details and background with the landlord. For a landlord it is relevant what level of security you can provide on paying the rent and with which conditions you want to enter the rental agreement. Nu-Huren negociates for the best deals for you. For example the commencement of lease, renting price, state of completion (carpeting, kitchen appliances, etc.), and extra services such as TV, internet and parking. Based on the information and details provided by you, the landlord finally decides if he or she will accept you as the new tenant.

4. Survey:
The landlord approved you as the new tenant? We congratulate you with your new rental property and we will verify your background data and information. Based on this information we give the landlord a guarantee on your financial status. You need to convey mainly the following documents (or in concert aberrant documents):

Regular employment:

  • Copy of valid ID-card / passport.
  • Last three pay slips
  • Employers Statement
  • Copy of bank statement with salary payment
  • Landlord Statement (for past lessor)
  • Contract of employment

Independent entrepreneurs:

  • Copy Id-proof
  • Extract Chamber of Commerce
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Auditor
  • Landlord Statement (with previous lease)

Above mentioned documents need to be verified before we can hand over the keys.

5. Compose rental agreements:
Meanwhile, we propose a lease, which will be signed during the key exchange. For a good and pleasant living experience, the agreement describes, in a clear manner including the rights and obligations, for both parties. If you would like to know more regarding this agreement we would be glad to explain and discuss the details before signing.

6. Invoices
Before you receive the keys you prepay a first month's rent including a deposit (usually equal to one month's rent) directly to the landlord. Nu-Huren will send a separate invoice covering our agentsfee.

7. Receiving the keys
When you receive the keys to your new home, we describe the state of completion. When you end the lease, this state of delivery will be compared with the initial form. If the completion is well as aspected the deposit will be returned by the landlord within the agreed period.

During the agreement communication between tenant and landlord can occure directly. Easy and accurate. Nu-Huren offcourse appreciates being informed about the related progress and developments during the agreement. We can always advice you.

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