About us

Nu-Huren offers a daily updated selection of homes up for rent which are available directly.

We mediate between the landlord and tenant striving for a healthy and consistent relationship between these parties while charging the sharpest agentsfee on the market. Where other residential mediators or rental agencies charge a fee based on one of month rent upon successful mediation, we charge a fixed fee of only €595,- max!  There are no additional costs, such as registration fees, key money, contract fees, subscription fees, etc.. In case the monthly rent is less than €595,- you will pay a fee equal to one month's rent! You might ask yourself “Do they offer me the same selection of leasing properties and services?” We can explicitly reply: YES! Even better! Why? Our company has years of experience as a rental agent in 's-Hertogenbosch and its surroundings gathering valuable insight in the local market which enables us to present you with nothing but the best. We made an effective choice in the services we provide guiding you in the right direction for finding the apartment or tenant you are looking for. Our experience enables us to efficiently determine the client’s needs and find the best match. That is why we can offer you these competitive rates! Low costs through our charpest and clearest agentsfee, guides you to a maximum result! No cure, no pay!


Building on years of experience with leading organizations in this growing real-estate branch we know the ins and outs at the market. We are familiar with the landlords, hotspots of locations and residences, the financial risks, trends, legal aspects, etc.

Feel free to contact us and we will inform you, without any obligation or costs, regarding our capabilities and of course we would love to hear about your wishes and demands.


Our advantages:

  • Generous offer with the best selection of properties
  • Lowest agentsfee on the market
  • A clear and transparent procedure
  • No waiting list, housing offers available directly
  • Professional and enthusiastic approach
  • Flexible and durable work attitude
  • Years of experience at market leading mediators
  • Familiar with the local rental market  's-Hertogenbosch
  • Access to a large network of parties
  • Striving for equitable, sustainable and steady relationships between both parties, maintaining the right expectations while ensuring continuity.

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